Hacking Tikona WiFi to get WiFi access from Ubuntu

After having dreadful experience with Tikona Customer Care, this morning I registered 4th complaint of this week knowing that there won’t be answer from them nor their ‘Quack Mechanics’ will be able to solve them. So I decided to hack it. After going through various FAQs on Tikona Portal I came to know what is the configuration of it and I finally managed to connect too.

Distro which I’m using is Ubuntu 11.04.

Here are steps  –

Step 1:  

First go to ‘Network Manager’ then click on ‘Connect to Hidden Wireless Network’.


Step 2: 

Then you will get similar window. Give ‘Network Name’ whatever you want and select ‘Wireless Security’ as ‘WPA and WPA2 Enterprise’ as Tikona uses WPA Encryption. 




Step 3: 

Then it will open a New Window which will look simlar to below. You have to fill up the details as shown in the snapshot. Select ‘Authentication’ as ‘Tunneled TLS’. Select ‘Inner Authentication’ as ‘MSCHApv2’. Then you have to enter your ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ provided by Tikona Digital Networks. Once details are filled up as shown in snapshot then hit ‘Connect’.



Step 4: 

After couple of seconds this Notification will appear. Then go to your browser and Normal Login Page will appear which we see while connecting via Ethernet. 



Thats it! Happy Surfing!!





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